150th Kentucky Derby
May 4th, 2024

Why wait in line, when you can bet right from your mobile device?

A mobile wagering account allows you to place bets from your seat. There is no commitment or cost to sign up and you can withdraw funds at anytime by visiting one of our tellers. It's easy as 1,2,3. 


1. Complete the form located below and we will set up your account.

2. Contact Mutuels at 281-807-8715 and schedule pick-up of your card. Please bring photo ID as this service is only available to individuals 21 and over, per state law.

3. Start wagering at bets.shrp.com. Note: Your device must be connected to SHRPGuest wifi in order to wager. Betting is not permitted off-site.


Once completed, please send the form to info@shrp.com