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As of October 31, 2023

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AUTHORITY: The Texas Racing Act, related statutes and the Texas Rules of Racing provide the basis for qualifying applicants for an occupational license.1

PLANNING TIMELINE: Applicants for an occupational license are required to submit fingerprints for identity verification and criminal history records evaluation.

OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE REQUIRED: Applicants must go through the qualification process and criminal history screening BEFORE engaging in an activity in Texas that requires a pari-mutuel horse or greyhound occupational license.

CRIMINAL HISTORY EVALUATION: Applicants may request a criminal history evaluation letter prior to applying for an occupational license. Applicants are entitled to thirty 30 days’ notice and an opportunity to respond to eligibility determinations made based on criminal history records.

RECENT STATUTORY CHANGES. During the 88th Legislative Session, the Texas Racing Act was amended to require the agency to comply with Texas Occupations, Chapter 53 licensing procedures. As a part of this alignment, the agencies' authority to issue temporary or emergency licenses was revoked. Rule amendments related to statutory changes are available for review/comment on the agency webpage at: https://www.txrc.texas.gov/licensing.

PROCESS STEPS: There are five (5) steps required for an eligible applicant to apply for or renew an occupational license: 1) Fingerprints submitted through IdentoGO; 2) Criminal History Evaluation; 3) Application Submission & Qualification Review; 4) Applicant is notified of license qualification; and 5) Physical badge Issued to verify applicant is licensed while engaged in pari-mutuel horse or greyhound racing activities.

YOU MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE IF: You have been convicted of offenses that directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the occupation. • You have been convicted of a first-degree felony or capital grade offense. • You have been convicted of any felony in the past 10 years which you have not previously disclosed. • You have been convicted of any misdemeanor (other than a traffic violation) in the past five years which you have not previously disclosed. • You or any person with whom you currently reside is under suspension by another racing jurisdiction; has had a license revoked by another racing jurisdiction; or has had a license application denied by another racing jurisdiction. • You are currently excluded from any pari-mutuel racetrack in Texas.

YOU MAY NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO RENEW AN OCCUPATIONAL LICENSE IF: You have any outstanding fines. • You have a ruling against you that makes you ineligible to participate in racing (i.e., your license is suspended). • Your license has been flagged by the Commission for you to see a steward, judge, or investigator for a pending rule violation or other matter.

MORE INFORMATION: For more information about the Texas Racing Act or Rules of Racing, visit our webpage at www.txrc.texas.gov/licensing, email: licensing@txrc.texas.gov or call 972-237-5060 to speak to a licensing specialist.


1 TX Occ. Code § 2025, Texas Occ Code § 53, TX Govt. Code §411.096

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