Leader Board 

Congratulations to Steven Asmussen for winning the Thoroughbred Trainer Title with 41 wins for the 2019 Thoroughbred Meet.  Also congratulations to 2019 leading Jockey, Deshawn Parker  with 48 wins this Thoroughbred Meet. Lastly, Congratulations again to Steven Asmussen for taking home the title of leading Owner for the 2019 Thoroughbred Season with 15 wins.


For the 2019 QuarterHorse Meet, Congratulations to Santiago Riojas, Jr. who won the title of leading trainer with 25 wins. Congratulations to Francisco Calderon on winning the title of leading Jockey for the 2019 QuarterHorse Meet with 24 wins. Finally, congratulations to Terrazas Family, Jorge Haddad, Pete Scarmardo and Sunset Well Service, Inc. who each won four races this meet to share the owner of the meet title.


Platinum Partners