Feb 3, 2023

Statement from Sam Houston Race Park

Sam Houston Race Park previously announced that interstate simulcast wagering would resume at all locations today, February 3, 2023.  Since that announcement, we have determined that more time is needed to fully evaluate the many legal complexities surrounding recent court decisions and the HISA amendment enacted by Congress at the end of last year.   

While we are eager to export our signal across the country, our commitment to maintaining federal and state compliance remains our top priority.  We will export our signal across state lines when we are confident that it can be done in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.  Until then, we will only broadcast our signal throughout Texas and to approved international locations but will not simulcast to any other locations in the United States. During this time, racing at Sam Houston Race Park will continue to be governed by the Texas Racing Act.  We appreciate the continued support of the Texas Racing Commission and Texas racing industry in working through the many complicated matters surrounding this issue. 

We will keep all our valued simulcast partners and stakeholders apprised of any developments regarding this matter.