May 27, 2021

Sam Houston Futurity Update

Race #9 on Friday, May 28, 2021

Contact Frank Hopf:  (281) 807-8700


The Texas Racing Commission (TxRC) performed two separate testing methods on the qualifiers for the Sam Houston Futurity. 

  • Post-race Blood and Urine samples on the qualifying nights (May 7th and May 8th)
  • Hair Test samples on May 15th

Throughout this time period, all qualifiers were required to remain on Sam Houston Race Park (SHRP) property until the conclusion of the finals.  TxRC staff notified SHRP that all post-race samples were negative for the ten qualifying participants prior to entry day on May 21st for the Sam Houston Futurity Finals.

On Wednesday, May 26th, TxRC staff informed Sam Houston Race Park of the following results from the hair testing performed on May 15th:

  • Six (6) positive results for either Clenbuterol and or Albuterol (both prohibited in Texas)
  • Two (2) results were deemed inconclusive  
  • Two (2) results were negative

A second hair sample was taken on May 26th of those horses who tested positive or inconclusive.

Based on this information, and to protect the interest of the wagering public, Sam Houston Race Park will conduct the running of this race as a NON-WAGERING event and those Sam Houston Futurity participants will compete for purse money only.

Effective immediately and until further notice, Sam Houston Race Park will stop accepting future entries from those trainers whose horses tested positive.  Entries have already been accepted through Thursday, June 3, 2021.

Sam Houston Race Park reserves the right to issue further disciplinary actions against the trainers of these horses, pending actions of the Texas Racing Commission, including the results of second hair test samples if applicable.