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Feb 8, 2023

Jaylan Clary's job description, "trainer," falls way short of complete.

Article By: Hal Lundgren

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Jaylan Clary's job description, "trainer," falls way short of complete.

Yes, Clary trains horses. She stabled a dozen here for Sam Houston Race
Park's Thoroughbred meet. Keeping them race-tuned is an everyday

With husband Jaden, she also buys, sells and breeds horses.

At their farm in Brock, an hour outside Dallas, she said, "Every day
is busy. Our last day off was Christmas."

During SHRP's season, they live in a camper on the grounds. When Lone
Star Park's Thoroughbred meet opens on April 13, they'll be back in
Brock. That means even longer days.

"We're up at 5 a.m. and drive to Lone Star daily," she said.

Clary's March plans include selling seven 2-year-olds at an Ocala, FL
sale. In April, 10 of her 2-year-old "babies" will be up for purchase
at Lone Star Park during the Texas 2-year-olds In Training Sale.

The runner she'll never sell is 7-year-old Mr Money Bags, the Texas
Horse of the Year in 2019. That was the year he won both a Texas
Stallion Stakes' event and the Groovy at Sam Houston. Today, he's the
elder statesman of Texas racing.

Mr Money Bags has finished first, second or third in 24 of 27 lifetime
starts. Clary is uncertain when he might make his first 2023 start.

A younger Clary bright light, 3-year-old filly Bubbles And Bling, is
prepping for SHRP's Two Altazano Stakes on Feb. 18. It's a $75,000

Clary took over training unexpectedly. She had assisted her father,
Mike Neatherlin, who was fatally stricken with Covid 18 months ago.

"Losing him was never in the plan," she said. "He was on life support
for four weeks. Then he was gone."

She benefitted from having an ideal role model.

"We do everything the way he did it," she said. "We'll keep doing
that. As for picking horses to train, he always emphasized quality over
quantity. We do that, too."