Sam Houston Race Park Weather Plan

February 14, 2021 through February 17, 2021

The greater Houston area is forecasted with a winter storm warning and freezing temperatures starting on Sunday, February 14. Based on these conditions, Sam Houston Race Park will be making the following changes to our operations.

Sunday, February 14

Training from 7am to 11am

  • Break from 9am to 9:30am

Water to the Stable Area will be turned off at 6:00pm

Monday, February 15

No training

Water to remain off

Simulcast operations will be closed

Tuesday, February 16

No training

Water to remain off

Wednesday, February 17


  • Time TBD based on weather conditions

Water to be turned back on

  • Time TBD based on weather conditions

Sam Houston Race Park has made the following arrangements for the Stable Area during this time:

  • Two (2) 2,000 gallon potable water tanks
  • One located near the Barn G and the Trailer Lot
  • One located near Barn O
  • Porta cans- One per barn
  • Please do not use restrooms with the water off
  • Two (2) 100 gallon tubs for water at each barn
  • SHRP will determine the location at each barn

It is imperative all necessary care needed for the horses begins as soon as possible. Please note that

training will be available on Sunday, February 21 as well. SHRP management will provide updates as


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