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Park Rewards






  • All Members must be 21 years or older.

  • No Member shall be permitted to have more than one card.

  • There is no fee to become a Member of the Park Rewards Program.

  • Membership in the Park Rewards Program and any associated program(s) benefits are non-transferable.

  • A driver’s license or other form of photo identification is required to redeem prizes or rewards. Only the Member is authorized to redeem points for reward items in the Park Rewards Program.

  • There are no implied benefits in the Park Rewards Program other than those published.

  • No redemptions for cash may be made as part of the Park Rewards Program.

  • There are three club levels: Bronze, Gold and Elite. All Members shall be entered into the Park Rewards Program at the Bronze level when they join. Members must wager a monthly minimum to qualify for a level higher than Bronze. To obtain Gold membership status, a member must wager in excess of $5,001 in the immediately previous month. To obtain Elite membership status, a Member must wager in excess of $10,001 in the immediately previous month.

  • Bronze Members receive one point for each dollar wagered; Gold Members receive one and half points for each dollar wagered. Elite Members receive two points for each dollar wagered.

  • All Member’s wagering levels will be evaluated every month and a Member’s status for the following month shall be based on the wagering activity for the immediately previous month.

  • A valid Park Rewards membership card must be presented to a mutuel teller or inserted into a BetJet terminal prior to placing wagers. Unacknowledged wagers will
    not earn points and will not be credited. When using the BetJet terminal it is the cardholder’s responsibility to ensure the card is accepted.

  • Prize lists will be updated periodically and all prizes shall be based upon availability at the time of redemption.

  • Lost, stolen or misplaced membership cards should be reported immediately to a SHRP representative. Duplicate membership cards will be issued with proper identification.

  • After three lost or misplaced membership cards, SHRP will deduct 500 points from Park Reward member’s account.

  • Only one redemption transaction shall be permitted per day.

  • SHRP reserves the right to substitute rewards of equal or greater value.

  • Limited availability on certain rewards.

  • Unredeemed points shall be forfeited and eliminated upon cancellation or revocation of membership.

  • Park Reward points may not be used in conjunction with any other offers or discounts.

  • SHRP reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation in the Park Rewards Program.

  • All decisions of SHRP management shall be final.

  • The receipt of a membership card to the Park Rewards Program signifies the entrant’s acceptance of all rules and conditions stated herein.

  • The Park Rewards membership card will be deactivated for inactivity of more than six months. All accumulated points will be void if a card is deactivated.

  • Using the card wrongfully to earn points via deception, partnering or any other method will be considered card abuse. Noncompliance with these rules or misuse of the card and privileges will result in loss of membership and accumulated points and future participation in the Program shall not be permitted.

  • Park Rewards members are subject to all State and Federal tax requirements.

  • Officers and employees of SHRP and their immediate family members and those of SHRP’s affiliates shall not be eligible to participate in the Park Rewards Program.

  • SHRP reserves the right to terminate, revise, modify or withdraw the Park Rewards Program at any time without prior notice.


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